Vessels designed to cross the Endless Blue and survive the inhospitable Void. Ships built by the various races can be vastly different in form and function, but all have at least a few of the same features: sails to navigate through Etherspace, chemical or magical engines for use in The Void, some sort of device for transitioning between etherspace and the Void or realspace, and an arcane power core of some sort that runs everything else. Most conventional ranged weaponry is useless in etherspace; airship confrontations are usually resolved via smaller manned fighters known as Skyskips and close ship-to-ship combat.

Human ships are sleek and angular, and rarely are forced into fights they cannot simply flee from. Human skyskip pilots have garnered an almost mythological reputation, both for their own skills and the capabilities of their craft, usually named after legendary monsters of the Blue like dragons and griffons. Most are armed only with close combat weaponry, lances and blades generated from arcane energy and bombs infused with elemental power, putting their agility and speed to good use.

Fey vessels are literally grown, beautiful and bulbous organic pods that barely resemble ships at all, covered in open terraced gardens. Most have no weaponry to speak of, as many Fey are pacifists, but they possess numerous defenses against assault, including swarms of suicidal, relentless stinging and biting insects that can devour flesh and metal with equal ferocity.

Dwarven ships are heavily armored and protected by an additional layer of magical shielding, armed with powerful but slow-charging beam cannons able to melt through steel. Their capability for quick and precise calculation makes ranged weaponry a more reliable option than it is for any other race, and their firepower is supplemented by drone skyskips.

Ships of the Legion are massive and sluggish, built to carry as many soldiers as possible. They carry few weapons aside from large grappling lines for latching onto and reeling in enemy ships, but most are built with heavily reinforced and bladed prows as ramming is a favored tactic. Smaller and faster skirmish ships accompany them to harry and corner their quarry with close-range projectile weapons and grapplers of their own, buying time for boarding parties to overcome enemy crews and take over the ship.


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